Art Guidelines

Our Graphic Artists have the ability to convert complex designs into printable masterpieces. We offer the following guidelines for those who supply there own art electronically. Following these guidelines can reduce the time it will take us to make your design printable.

SOFTWARE: The ideal program to create your design is Adobe Illustrator. Vector art can be sized without any of the art changing.

FONTS: All fonts need to be converted to outlines in Adobe Illustrator.

SPOT COLORS: Screen printers go off of a PMS color chart so we can match corporate colors, or the color you desire.

CMYK only works on 4 color process which can be done on a White, or light colored T-shirt.

If you have an idea we can have our Graphic Artist come up with a design as well.

Inks We Use:

Plastisol Inks:

We use high qty environmental friendly PVC and phthalate free plastisol inks to ensure you get a smooth print that will last a long time. Screen printing with plastisol inks is the most common method of T-shirt (cotton & polyesther) printing for a number of reasons.

Cost effective & durable. The ink lays on top of the fabric allowing the colors to be bold & vibrant through washing. Custom colors can be easily mixed to match PMS colors. Numerous plastisol additives available. Can create 4 color process with special CMYK inks.

More about specialty inks & additives:

We offer a wide variety of specilaty inks available & are allways looking to experiment with new techniques.

  • Shimmer: Available in Silver & Gold. Shimmer ink will give the shirt a subtle glittery metallic look.
  • Liquid Silver: Prints silver resembling metal & chrome.
  • Glow in the dark: Glows only in the dark.
  • Softhand/Chino: Add this for a soft feeling similiar to water based inks. Best on light garments.
  • Puff ink: Ink raises after it is sent through the dryer.
  • Clear Gel: Print looks shiney & wet with this clear coat ink. Can use this on top of the ink.
  • Reflective ink: Light reflects of the ink when light or the sun hits it.
  • Stretch ink: Use on garments that have spandex or elstic to prevent cracking when stretched.
  • Nylobond: Additive used to help plastisol adhere to nylon.
  • Poly ink: Used on team uniforms or other 100% poly fabric.

Other Services Offered:

  • Foil applique
  • Heat transfers
  • Names & numbers for teams
  • Distressed printing

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